This Low-back Slat is made from the flexiest ash on the planet… I kid you not those 1/4 rows flex just enough to provide both structural rigidity as well as just enough give.
scrap slat low back front.jpg
scrap slat low back side.jpg
 This cutie sits proud wrapped in webbing.  Plopping down with a 24”x 24” seating are it’s primo for cross a legged deep thoughts sesh.
sattle bag seat frame front.jpg
sattle bag seat frame side.jpg
sattle bag seat frame + ottoman3d .jpg
 1/4” steel rod effortlessly connects the dots of fully wrapped upholstery.
 1/2” bent plywood is not only for show in this dinning chair— its integral to its structure.
Chair bent ply front.jpg
Chair bent ply side.jpg
 Part of the “L” Bracket series, this side chair sits nicely as a place to tie your shoes or stay and chat for a while…
chair %22L%22 Bracket Front .jpg
chair %22L%22 Bracket side.jpg
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